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HEA anticipates rate increase for 4th quarter 2018

Homer Electric Association (HEA) members will likely see a rate increase effective October 1, 2018.

HEA has submitted a filing with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) that requested an increase in the Cost of Power Adjustment (COPA) from $0.07270 per kilowatt-hour to $0.08151per kilowatt-hour.

COPA reflects the cost of the fuel purchased by HEA to generate electricity and is adjusted on a quarterly basis.

If approved, the new rate will mean an increase of $4.85 per month for the average HEA residential member using 550-kilowatt hours a month. The increase is in anticipation of the unavailability of HEA’s Nikiski Plant due to routine turnaround maintenance and inspection in October. This will require HEA to temporarily obtain power from other sources not as cost efficient as Nikiski.

Pending approval from the RCA, the rate change will be effective October 1, 2018.


July 10, 2018

Approximately 64 Homer Electric Association, Inc. (HEA) members in the Halibut Cove and Peterson Bay area across Kachemak Bay, remain without power due to the outages over the weekend.

The cause of the Halibut Cove outage was due to a tree on the power line, which dislodged the pole due to the continued flooding in the McKeon Flats area.

HEA crews have worked around the clock since Sunday, July 8 to restore power to the area, but have been challenged by the inaccessible and complicated terrain. Progress has been made and generators have provided remote power to the community. However, due to the critical nature of the outage, HEA is advising for proactive and deliberate conservation of energy use by those in the Halibut Cove and Peterson Bay area, specifically between the peak hours of 4:00 to 8:00 PM. By conserving energy usage, it will help maintain the integrity of the generators.

Members in the affected areas may still experience intermittent outages while HEA crews continue to repair the damaged system and maintain the remote generators. Thank you for your continued patience during this time. Many thanks to our HEA crews, dispatch and staff.

Restoration updates will be posted on HEA’s Facebook page as current information becomes available. For real-time outage notifications and updates, please “Like” HEA’s Facebook page and select “See First” for automatic updates to your newsfeed. HEA’s Facebook page should not be used to report outages.

For additional information, please contact Melissa Carlin, Communications Specialist, 907-235-3338.

High Winds Cause Multiple Power Outages

September 6, 2017. Homer Electric Association, Inc., (HEA) experienced multiple power outages due to high winds around the Central Kenai Peninsula on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

HEA crews and staff worked around the clock beginning September 5, 2017 until September 6, 2017 to restore power to members around the Central Kenai Peninsula. Strong winds caused considerable damage to HEA’s system provoking several scattered outages in the Nikiski, Kenai, Kalifornsky Beach Road, Kasilof, Soldotna and Sterling areas. Downed power lines and fallen trees across power lines were the familiar scene across the Central Kenai Peninsula.

Please be aware of the dangers of downed power lines. If you encounter downed power lines, please avoid the area and call your local HEA office. Homer Electric Association, Inc. appreciates your patience during this time.  As a reminder, please take precautions to protect sensitive electronic equipment. If you are ever without power, please call 1-888-8OUTAGE. Thank you for your patience.

Homer Electric returns capital credits to members

Homer Electric Association, Inc. (HEA), a member-owned not-for-profit electric cooperative, is distributing $1.5 million in capital credits to its members. The capital credits will be distributed to approximately 10,000 members and former members the week of April 17, 2017.
The capital credit checks are being distributed to people who were members of HEA during 1986 and 1987. The amount of each check is determined by the quantity of electricity purchased during each of those years; the more electricity purchased, the larger the capital credit check will be.
The equity retirement plan calls for $1.5 million in 1986 and 1987 margins, or earnings, to be distributed to HEA members who purchased electricity during those years.
The average check for someone who was a residential member in both 1986 and 1987 will be approximately $75.00.
Capital credits represent HEA members’ share of equity in the utility and is one of the benefits of being a member of an electric cooperative. Capital credits are based on margins, which are the difference between total expenses and total revenues of the cooperative. Each year, HEA allocates margins to its members in proportion to the amount they paid for electric service.
While the allocation is done annually, the return of margins in the form of a capital credit check occurs at the discretion of the Board of Directors, based on the financial health of the cooperative.
Prior to refunding capital credits, the cooperative uses its margins to maintain equity and fund long-term capital projects to improve and upgrade the electrical system.
From 1960 through 2017, HEA has returned over $18.9 million in capital credits to members of the cooperative.

HEA Board Election Update

Six candidates will be on the ballot for the Homer Electric Association, Inc. (HEA) Board of Directors’ 2017 election. The deadline to apply for a seat on the board was March 3, 2017.
HEA directors are elected by the members in their respective district, with members voting only for the candidates residing in their district. This year, the following candidates are seeking election to the HEA board:
• In District 1 (Kenai – Nikiski- parts of Soldotna area), the candidates are incumbent Kelly J. Bookey of Kenai and Kate Veh of Soldotna.
• In District 2 (Soldotna – Sterling – Kasilof), the candidates are incumbent Richard “Dick” Waisanen of Soldotna and Daniel N. Furlong of Soldotna.
• In District 3 (Kasilof south to Kachemak Bay area), the candidates are incumbent Eugene Alan “Jim” Levine of Homer and Doug Stark of Homer.
Candidate information is available on HEA’s website at The ballots will be mailed to HEA members on April 3, 2017. Completed mail-in ballots must be received in the mail by May 3, 2017, for validation. If HEA members are unable to complete a mail-in ballot, members will also have an opportunity to vote at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Members, which will be held May 4, 2017 at Soldotna High School.
For more details about the election and the Annual Meeting of the Members, please contact HEA at 800-478-8551 or our website at

For additional information regarding this press release, please call Bruce Shelley at 283-2324.

HEA Interim Rate Increase Approved

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska RCA) has approved a 3.25 percent interim energy base rate and customer charge increase for Homer Electric Association. The new rate will go into effect on February 1, 2016, and result in an increase of $3.15 for the average HEA member using 550 kilowatt hours a month.

In December, the RCA declined to implement the interim increase for at least six months, but HEA appealed the ruling and a conference was held with the RCA on January 15.

At the conference, HEA stated that the interim increase was necessary in order for HEA to collect sufficient revenues to meet its financial obligations and continue to make prudent investments in the electric utility.

HEA officials pointed out to the RCA that the situation is complicated by an on-going legal dispute over transmission costs.

The 3.25 percent interim energy base rate and customer charge increase will go into effect for all billings as of February 1, 2016.