Community Solar Project

HEA envisions  the MEMBERCHOICE Community Solar project in the same spirit that created HEA.  The current cost for HEA to produce solar power is slightly higher than producing energy from natural gas, however solar reduces our carbon footprint and has zero emission energy  production.  For some members, paying slightly more would be worth the cost!

Nevertheless, our membership and your HEA Board of Directors are rate sensitive.  Our Board of Directors are asking how many members are willing to commit to the MEMBERCHOICE Community Solar Project?  This project provides emission-free energy production for those members who value it without affecting those members who choose not to participate.  HEA is exploring the feasibility of a Community Solar Program.

The basics of the program:

  1. HEA would purchase the energy from a solar farm constructed near Anchor Point.
  2. Members of HEA would be offered the opportunity to purchase one or more 100 kWh “Units” of solar  energy.
  3. The cost of a Unit is estimated to be an additional $10 per Unit and the charge will appear monthly on your electric bill as a MEMBERCHOICE surcharge.
  4. The amount of the charge may fluctuate quarterly, based upon the difference between the cost of the solar energy and HEA’s Cost of Power Adjustment. Currently, the amount is approximately 10¢/kWh.  Whether or not the program goes forward will depend on several factors, including a sufficient number of members demonstrating a commitment to subscribe to our MEMBERCHOICE Community Solar program.

Steps to implement the program:

  1. Completion of the Online Member Commitment Form OR the printed Member Commitment Form.
  2. Review and approval by the HEA Board of Directors.
  3. Review and approval by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.
  4. Secure signed Subscription Form from participating members.
  5. Construction of solar farm.


Interested in signing up for the MEMBERCHOICE Community Solar Project? It’s simple.  Fill out this Online Member Commitment Form OR the print and complete the  Member Commitment Form and return it to your local HEA office.  If you have any questions about the Member Commitment Form, please call 800-478-8551.