Gerry Willard Generation Plant in Seldovia

Family at substation

Homer Electric provides service to the remote area on the south side of Kachemak Bay. The area includes the communities of Halibut Cove, Seldovia, Port Graham, and Nanwalek. The primary electrical service for the area is via a submarine cable that crosses Kachemak Bay and comes ashore at McKeon Flats. At McKeon Flats, overhead power lines transfer the power north to Halibut Cove and south and west along the coast line to Nanwalek.

To ensure  that south Kachemak Bay residents are not left without power for an extended period of time, Homer Electric has two 1,259 kilowatt  standby generators located at the Gerry Willard Generation Plant in Seldovia. The two generators are used to supply power to the area when central station power is not available.