HEA Board Seat Vacancy Filled

September 30, 2016 – The Homer Electric Association (HEA) Board of Directors has appointed Homer resident Jim Levine to fill the vacant seat on the board in District 3, representing Kasilof south to Kachemak Bay areas. The seat became vacant following District 3 board member Don Seelinger’s resignation this summer.

Two HEA members applied for the vacant seat and after reviewing the applications, the board selected Mr. Levine. Mr. Levine has previous experience on the HEA Board of Directors, having served a term from 2009 to 2014, including deputy secretary.

Mr. Levine is a project manager for Jay-Brant General Contractors in Homer. Mr. Levine stated, “My main goal will be to continue searching for new and better ways to provide electrical power to the members while trying to minimize rates. While on the HEA board previously, I worked towards providing ocean power generation, started the sub-committee for renewable, and participated in Independent Light which allowed HEA to provide their members local power. I will also continue looking for other ways to provide renewable energy and energy efficiency to the members which I feel is key to providing reliable power.”

Mr. Levine will serve out Mr. Seelinger’s remaining term which expires in May 2017. When the term ends, the board seat will then be filled by the membership through the election process at the Annual Meeting of the Members.