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To provide insight to the new service process, members seeking energized service can take these steps to facilitate their service. Roll over the icons for an explanation of what an applicant can expect when applying for new service.

Click HERE to download and print a New Service Application.

  • Preliminary Cost Estimate. Before providing an application and Design & Engineering Fee, at no cost to you, the Engineering Department can provide you with a non-binding preliminary cost estimate without making a site visit. This will help you to decide if you want to apply for new service.
  • Application.  Download a copy of the Service Extension section of the HEA Tariff HERE. Please review all the rules that apply to your line extension. *If your application is canceled, any cost accrued toward your job will be deducted from the Design & Engineering Fee before a refund can be issued.
  • Site Visit & Route Selection. An engineering tech will make a site visit to determine an acceptable route that meets HEA’s requirements to an approved meter base location per Section 7.4 of the HEA Tariff. An engineering tech will also determine the eligibility for the Secondary Service Credit as per Section 6.1 (j) of the HEA Tariff. A job design will be created for construction. Permitting, clearing, surveying and easements may be necessary. To avoid damages and delays, please make us aware of any underground facilities on your property.
  • Design & Costs. Once a job design is approved, your estimated costs will be finalized and provided to you. Permitting, clearing and easement requirements will be identified but will not be acquired until payment has been received for the fees and costs. Ask about HEA’s financing options to help your project come to fruition.
  • Permits.

    • Permits – Potential permitting agencies include Kenai Peninsula Borough, City of Homer, City of
      Kenai, City of Soldotna, Department of Natural Resources, Corp. of Engineers, and State of
      Alaska DOT. Some permits can take three or more weeks to obtain. Permits must be obtained
      prior to HEA releasing your job to construction.
    • Easements – Easements are sometimes required and those must be signed by the property owner and ready to be recorded.
    • Survey – Survey work may be required to avoid encroachment on other property and must be completed prior to releasing the job.
    • Clearing – All routes must be cleared per HEA requirements prior to release of your job to construction
    • Meter Base – The consumer-owned meter base must pass inspection prior to the job being scheduled for construction. Please ensure installation of your meter base is in an approved location. HEA is responsible for your service wire only up to your meter base, except in the case of an overhead service in which case HEA is responsible up to the mast head.
    • City of Kenai consumers – all new/rework of electric services will be inspected by the City Inspector. HEA will not release the job to construction until the City Inspector has approved your installation. City Inspector’s contact information is (907) 283-8233.
  • Schedule Construction. There is a short construction season in Alaska and many things need to be coordinated in order to complete your job. Once your job is ready, jobs will be scheduled in the order in which they are released to construction.
    You are responsible for locating underground facilities you own on your property. Private/consumer owned facilities are not located through the Alaska Digline 811 services. Consumer-owned facilities include septic, drain tiles, electric lines and any other underground facilities that are privately owned. To avoid damage, please mark them prior to HEA’s arrival.

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