New Service Applicant Requirement Checklist

Some of the applicant requirements include:

  • All HEA facilities must have an easement by way of a recorded plat or other legal document
    such as a blanket or specific easement. This allows HEA to install facilities, access and make
  • The member must disclose any unusual site conditions that may not be readily apparent
    such as buried slash, French drains, or other obstructions.
  • Officially placed survey monuments must exist at the corners of the property to be served as
    necessary to correctly locate the new electrical facilities.
  • The applicant must provide a site description showing anticipated location of signs, parking,
    garages, driveways, fences, and anything expected to be installed in the future. This will help
    HEA install the facilities in a location which will not enclose HEA equipment or lead to a
  • The member must provide a clear and unobstructed route for the extension. Underground
    construction requires removal of root systems.
  • The consumer shall obtain a Specification Packet for the type of meter base they intend to install. A
    hard copy of the specifications is available at either HEA office or can be downloaded from this link:  Electric Service Requirements
  • Upon receipt of a fully-completed service application, a Homer Electric Engineering Tech will
    contact the member to make a site visit.
  • The Engineering Tech will design and provide a cost estimate for the job based on HEA standard
    practices and procedures and the member’s needs as described in the submitted application
  • Each application/job packet is handled in the order that it is received.
  • The Engineering Tech will:
    • Select a route for new service and stake the route.
    • Approve a location for the meter base.
    • Inform the member of their responsibilities such as providing clearing and
      or grubbing, having the route and meter location within 6” of final grade
      with appropriate backfill, removing obstacles along the selected route and
      installing the meter base to HEA specifications.
    • Determine the scope of the job. Will the job require surveying or clearing?
    • Determine the cost of construction for the service.
    • *NOTE: It is the Engineering Tech’s responsibility to design the job to meet HEA standard practices
      and procedures.
  • Once payment or financing arrangements have been made:
    • Any necessary clearing and surveying work will be scheduled.
    • Any necessary permits or easements will be pursued.
    • Work order authorizations within HEA will be obtained.