Power Pledge Challenge

HEA is proud to be participating in a Power Pledge Challenge in the month. The challenge is co-hosted by ML&P,  Chugach Electric, ENSTAR, Matanuska Electric, Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) and Alaska Energy Authority.  The objective of the challenge is to teach students about energy efficiency and conservation. The challenge is open to middle school students giving them a better awareness of how they use energy and the importance of taking measures to use energy wisely at home and school.

In 2017, HEA along with REAP, visited 9 KPBSD Schools, 21 classrooms to 506 students.  McNeil Canyon Elementary School won the Regional Prize.  Presentations are scheduled for September 2018.

The 45-minute interactive energy efficiency classroom presentations, along with hands-on activities. After the presentation, students can go online and pledge to do 3 things to reduce their energy use. There is grand prize and a local first place prize depending on the amount of participants.

Below is a link to the website for additional information and attached is last year challenge overview and press release regarding the results.