Capital credits are member’s share of the cooperative’s margins for a year in which revenues exceeded expenses. The amount a member is credited is proportionate to the amount received in energy services during the same year. Capital Credits are refunded periodically as approved by the HEA’s Board of Directors.

HEA is required by its bylaws and the State of Alaska to publish a list of all capital credit checks and notices that were not cashed or returned to our offices as undeliverable mail. This is why it is so important to notify the HEA office of your forwarding address when you move or change your address.

capitalcreditsAny person possessing an interest in these unclaimed capital credits may obtain information concerning them from HEA. The following is a list (as of February 15, 2017)  of members or former members whose checks were returned to us by the post office because of incorrect addresses or whose checks have not been cashed.

Click here to view the Unclaimed Capital Credit List

If you find your name and would like to claim your refund, please complete and submit the Unclaimed Capital Credit form below.  A picture identification or additional information may be required before the funds are released.

Unclaimed Capital Credit Form
HEA member number (if known)
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