2020 HEA Annual Meeting In Doubt

Posted: April 9, 2020 at 12:06 am

The Homer Electric Association, Inc. (HEA) annual meeting is a traditional time of community gathering with complimentary food, energy prizes, scholarship and student outreach awards, annual co-op update, and the board of directors’ election results.

This year’s meeting was planned to be fully focused on commemorating HEA’s 70th anniversary as an electric cooperative, with the theme “Honoring Our Heritage and Celebrating Our Future.” Extensive preparation has been in the works for this celebration for over eight months. However, the novel coronavirus pandemic has intruded on these plans. Safety concerns from COVID-19, restrictions against large gatherings in Alaska, and travel restrictions are forecasted to continue into May, so it is highly unlikely that the meeting can be safely or lawfully held. On the other hand, HEA’s bylaws require that a meeting of the members be duly noticed and held annually, in the first week of May.

In order to comply with its bylaws and adhere to the state health mandates, HEA will issue the required notice of the annual meeting; however, HEA is not encouraging its members to attend. No meal will be offered and there will be no prize drawings. This will mean that the required quorum of 50 members will likely not be reached. Under the bylaws, failure to obtain a quorum at the annual meeting would allow a majority of those who are present to adjourn the meeting to another time, or cancel it completely, depending on the circumstances and future outlook. In the event the health mandates at the time of the meeting allow such a gathering and a quorum is
reached, a short meeting will be convened, but without the usual meal, reports, presentations, or drawings.

HEA typically conducts the annual meeting and the board of directors’ election at the same time. However, HEA bylaws contain a provision for balloting by mail without holding a meeting and the election will still be held on schedule. Three director seats, one from each district, are to be filled this year.

Ballots and the required notice of meeting will be mailed on April 10, 2020, with current information in each packet. Members are requested to take the time to read and follow the ballot instructions to ensure their vote is counted. Every effort will be made to have the ballots tabulated so the election results can be announced on May 7, 2020, the scheduled date of the meeting, through local media, and on the HEA website and Facebook page, at a minimum.

HEA plans to celebrate its 70th anniversary during its fall community meetings throughout the service territory and will present many of the same elements from the annual meeting at that time.

HEA would like to thank its members for their understanding this year as the cooperative tries to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, follow HEA bylaws, and protect the health of the members and HEA employees, while ensuring the reliable delivery of electricity.