Hazard Tree Removal

Posted: June 8, 2020 at 9:04 am

With the summer season upon us and landscaping projects underway, Homer Electric Association, Inc. (HEA) reminds the public not to take it upon themselves to remove any trees in danger of hitting the energized power lines. We have seen a sudden increase in the number of outages related to members cutting trees resulting in fallen trees into energized power lines in the last month.

Cutting trees near energized power lines is dangerous work. Members should contact HEA to see if the tree is considered a hazard tree, one which can potentially fall into the power lines. If the tree is deemed a hazard by HEA, the cooperative will have a qualified tree contractor safely cut the tree. Just as a reminder, the fallen tree and all the debris cleanup is the responsibility of the property owner.

A hazard tree is a live or dead tree leaning towards the power line. The final determination will be completed by a trained HEA representative.

If after inspection by HEA the tree is not considered a hazard tree at the time, the property owner may schedule a line drop (overhead secondary only, not uninsulated primary wire) so they can safely fall the tree themselves. For your safety, HEA will remove the line and reinstall after the tree is safely on the ground for the cost of $60.

If you have a hazard tree on your property, please contact HEA at 283-5831 or 235-8551. Under no circumstances should you attempt to trim or remove a hazard tree without contacting HEA first; the result could cause serious injury, or even death, as well as costly damage to the co-op’s facilities.