Outages Caused by Heavy Snow Keep HEA Crews Busy

Posted: January 27, 2021 at 8:00 am

Homer Electric Association, Inc. (HEA) responded to several widespread outages over the weekend due to heavy snow. The following areas were affected by the larger power outages:

Saturday, January 23, 2021

  • 2:40 PM: Seldovia, Port Graham, Nanwalek areas affecting 680 members. A portion of Seldovia towards Six Mile of Jakalof Bay Rd. was restored by the Seldovia generator at 5:00 PM. Port Graham and Nanwalek on generator power at 5:20 PM. Power restore to all members at 12:35 PM, January 25. Cause were trees on the line.
  • 7:35 PM: Outage affecting 401 members in Clam Gulch area of Kasilof. Power was restored at 5:02 AM on January 24. Cause was a broken insulator.
  • 8:48 PM: Outage affecting approximately 83 members in the Whisper Lake Street area of Soldotna. Power was restored around 11:35 PM. Cause was snow load on vegetation.
  • 9:07 PM: Outage affecting 63 members in the Black Water Bend area of Anchor Point. Power was restored at 1:32 AM, Sunday, January 24. Suspected cause is snow loading.

Sunday, January 24, 2021:

  • 5:58 AM The Kasilof feeder failed affecting 1,226 members. Power was restored to all members by 4:16 PM. Cause of outage was snow load.
  •  9:56 AM: Outage off Tote Road affecting 78 members and outage on Penny Lane affecting 20 members. Power was restored to Penny Lane members around 10:31 AM. Cause was snow load. Power was restored to Tote Road members around 11:20 AM.
    Cause was also snow load.
  • 12:54 PM: Outage affecting 94 members in the Squirrel Street area of Kasilof. Power restored to all members at 5:17 AM. Cause was snow load.
  • 1:09 PM: Adkins Road area of Sterling affecting 76 members. Power was restored at 5:45 PM. Cause was a broken insulator.
  • 1:34 PM: Outage in Kasilof affecting, 1,233 members. Power was restored around 4:06 PM. Cause was snow load and vegetation on the lines.
  • 5:19 PM: Outage in the Cassidy Drive area of Kasilof affecting 61 members. Power restored to all members at 7:27 PM. Cause unknown.

As a safety reminder, please stay away from downed power lines, which may still be energized, and call HEA at 888-868-8243 or 911 to report it immediately.