Attention: Kenai Peninsula Businesses! AEA Announces Level-3 Electric Vehicle Charger Program

Posted: March 2, 2021 at 2:57 pm

Homer Electric Association (HEA) is encouraging businesses within its service area interested in advancing electric vehicle use on the Kenai Peninsula to consider taking advantage of AEA’s Level-3 Electric Vehicle Charging Program. Hosts who are approved through the AEA selection process have the potential of receiving up to $100,000 for installation of a Level-3 and Level-2 chargers at their location. This program will use Volkswagen (VW) Settlement Trust funds to pay for 80 percent of the project cost, not to exceed $100,000 per site; program participants will be required to fund the remaining 20 percent and any costs in excess of the $100,000 per site limit. AEA will award additional monies, $10,000, for each of the first ten sites selected during the first open solicitation period. To receive the incentive funds AEA must be invoiced by June 30, 2021.

AEA released a Request for Information (RFI) questionnaire February 24, 2021 to identify parties interested in hosting DC Fast Charger (DCFC) charging sites. After you successfully submit your application, your application will be provided to the list of qualified Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Suppliers so both parties can work together to determine site feasibility and develop project proposals including ownership model, fee structure, and cost estimates for the installation, equipment, and services.

Using VW Settlement Trust funds, AEA will disburse approximately $1 million for the installation, hardware, software, network, and operations and maintenance services of Level-3 electric vehicle charging stations at 10 to 15 sites on the Fairbanks to Homer highway corridor. The goal is to locate one DCFC charging station every 50 to 100 miles along the corridor, where communities and electric distribution infrastructure exist, and within five miles of the highway system. Each site will consist of at least one DCFC of 50kW or greater with vehicle connectors for both CHAdeMo and CCS and one Level 2 charger. Due to the limited funds available and the geographic area, AEA would like to cover, we are anticipating the fast chargers to be 50-62.5 kW with likely one located at each site. However, we are not limiting the DCFC equipment to that capacity or the number of DCFC installed at each site.

Those businesses interested in this opportunity should visit the AEA site as soon as possible and get your application submitted. HEA anticipates two to three Level-3 chargers being awarded within our service area to meet AEA’s goal of one DCFC every 50 to 100 miles along the main highway corridor.

Call Bruce Shelley at 907-283-2324 if you need addition assistance applying for this program.