C.O. Rudstrom

District 2 Candidate

C.O. Rudstrom                        

PO Box 4211
Soldotna, AK 99669
(C) 907-420-7124

Board Experience

I have served on the HEA board for one term (3 years).

Work Experience

I am currently employed by the City of Soldotna. I am the Project Manager for the Public Works Department. My past work experience includes both the oil and gas industry and commercial fishing. I have worked as an engineer and in the trades as a mechanic, welder, and electrician.

Main Goal

If elected to represent the members of HEA, I will have five goals:

  1. Continue HEA’s longstanding record of providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective electrical service to the Kenai Peninsula.
  2. Work to reduce our reliance on natural gas. I believe this is an important part of maintaining a reasonable cost of electric service.
  3. Promote beneficial electrification. Selling more electricity to consumers will allow us to spread our fixed capital costs over a greater number of kwh’s. Selling more electricity will improve our economies of scale and help rates for consumers. Promoting heat pumps for residential heating and cooling and electric vehicle charging are two areas of potential load growth.
  4. Promote cooperation and coordination between the Railbelt utilities to increase grid efficiency by building more transmission interconnections, creating fair and consistent wheeling charges across the grid and coordinating resource development between utilities.
  5. Increase customer service satisfaction.

I look forward to representing you on the HEA Board of Directors.