Net Metering


Thank you for your interest in our Net Metering Program. In 2010, Homer Electric Association (HEA) was the first utility in the state of Alaska to adopt net metering standards designed to encourage the development of member-owned renewable energy systems.

HEA’s Net Metering Program is open to all retail members and provides an opportunity for members to install and use certain types of renewable generation to offset monthly electric usage and sell excess power, if any, to HEA.

Benefits of renewable energy:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce fossil fuel usage
  • Generate your own power

Are you ready to produce renewable energy for your home?

If yes, follow these steps to get started.

Contact a licensed, bonded and insured electrician to help size and plan system installation at your location. After the appropriate renewable energy system has been selected, contact HEA for 12-month historic average usage and complete a net metering application.

Submit your completed application and electricians one-line drawing of planned installation to our project manager at Or deliver to your local HEA office at 280 Airport Way in Kenai or 3977 Lake Street in Homer.

Timeline: In approximately one to two week(s) HEA will notify you of approval of the site plan.
*Please note during the site plan review, we may determine that upgrades or modifications are needed to support your renewable system. Your system must have a generation capacity of no more than 25 kilowatts. If upgrades/modifications are needed, your plan may incur additional costs, cause delays and a new application will need to be submitted with the approved revised design.

To obtain final approval, your renewable energy system must pass a site inspection for safety and code compliance with one of our inspectors.

After the site inspection is completed, the Power Purchase and Interconnection Agreement must be signed and kept on file with HEA.

Timeline: HEA will schedule a site visit with one of our inspectors approximately one to two week(s) upon construction completion notification from the member.
*During the inspection, we may determine that modifications are needed to pass inspection. These modifications may incur additional costs and cause delays. Additionally, photos with updated changes will need to be sent to the HEA inspector before a site visit will be scheduled.

In approximately, one to two weeks, after the site inspection approval, we will install and energize a new meter programmed for net metering.

Congratulations & Welcome to HEA’s Net Metering Program!


Is Net Metering Right for Your Home?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is net metering?

HEA’s net metering program allows members to reduce the amount of electricity purchased from HEA by interconnecting on-site member-owned or leased generation facilities. Under the regulations, the amount of member-generated power offsets the member’s electric consumption and allows the member to sell back excess energy, if any, to HEA.

What must I do to get a net metering facility approved?

Before HEA approves a net metering facility, the following conditions must be met:

  • Eligible generation systems include solar, wind, biomass, hydroelectric, geothermal, hydrokinetic, ocean thermal, and landfill or biogas.
  • The net metering facility must have a generating capacity of no more than 25 kilowatts, with a minimum of .4 kilowatts.
  • Approval of Application for Interconnection of Alternate Power Generation
  • Post construction inspection

What do I do if the property I purchase has an existing net metering facility? 

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! Please contact one of our Member Support Representatives at 800-4748-8551 or via email at

 What are the net metering installation requirements?

The net metering system is required to meet all local and national electrical codes. Basic requirements are:

  • UL listed utility interactive inverters
  • Installed equipment and wiring built to NEC code
  • Permanent weatherproof labels on meter base and disconnect

Where do I purchase the equipment?

There are several companies that provide turn-key net metering equipment and installation.

Do I need a new meter

Yes. HEA will provide a new meter that is programmed for net metering as part of the approved project application & design and will be installed after the completion of the approved construction.

Do I need a HEA generation meter? 

No. HEA will provide one if desired, but it is not needed for billing. Typically, inverters will provide the same information about the total power produced.

Does HEA pay for excess generation?

Yes. If the member supplies more electric energy to HEA during the month than HEA supplied to the member, then HEA will credit the member’s account. The credit amount is derived by multiplying the excess consumer generation by the Small Facility Power Purchase Rate (SFPPR) in HEA’s filed tariff. Effective January 1, 2023, the current SFPPR is $0.08967 cents/kWh.  *Subject to change on a quarterly basis and upon RCA approval.

What does HEA pay for excess generation?

Generation in excess of your total monthly usage receives a dollar credit at the Small Facility Power Purchase Rate (SFPPR) found on sheet 87.1 of the tariff.

Are my excess generation credits transferable? 

Yes. Please contact HEA for more information.

What if I have a system larger than 25 KW?

Please contact for more information.

Where can I find more information on net metering?

The best resource would be to contact a local licensed, bonded and insured electrician who has experience installing net metering systems on the peninsula.

Members with questions about net metering and interconnection facilities are encouraged to contact HEA at or your local HEA office at (907) 235-8551, (907) 283-5831 or toll-free in Alaska at (800) 478-8551.