Engineering Services FAQ

How much does it cost?

The design and engineering fee for all new/rework jobs is $500.

Why do I have to have improvements on my parcel? Is it just an RV hook-up?

Per our tariff, a certain number of improvements are required on the parcel to show that service will remain for the valuable service life of the association’s electrical facilities.

Why is construction power only available for six months?

HEA’s tariff (Section 6.2 (g) (3) allows six months to convert the power from construction to permanent power. Only in approved situations can it be extended another six months. At no time will construction power continue longer than 12 months.

How do I submit my completed Application for New or Rework of Service?

Submit your Application for New or Rework of Service to a HEA location or email the completed application to

How long does it take to get service?

We do not have an average time frame. Each job is different, and there are many factors to each job.

How can I get on your list?

We do not have a list. Our engineering technicians work through jobs as they receive them.

When can I expect the engineering technician to make a site visit?

Once you have your meter base on site or if your location requires a site visit, our engineering technicians try to contact the applicant within 3-5 business days of being notified that your site is ready. Our engineering technicians group their jobs into locations for the best use of time. After that, they will put your job on their schedule. Usually within a week.

Once my job is complete, will I need to pay for electrical service even if I am not using power?

When your job is completed, your meter will be active, and you will begin to receive monthly billing statements.

What happens to my $500 design & engineering fee if I decide to postpone or cancel my job?

Per the signed Design and Engineering Agreement, if the job is cancelled, you shall pay all costs incurred by HEA to the date of cancellation in connection with the work performed under this agreement. If you cancel your job after release to construction, you are required to pay the full cost of the job. This is broken out in your signed construction agreement.

Does HEA sell meter loops?

At this time, HEA does not sell meter bases or loops.

When does work start if I moved forward with line extension financing?

Once the job has completed the engineering process (design approved, payments made, permits received), the job will be released to the Operations Department for construction. The Operations Department will call and update the schedule when the superintendent has scheduled the job appointment.

Will my job be completed this construction season?

Engineering accepts jobs for the construction season once we are told by management that we can no longer provide underground service. HEA can build overhead services year-round.

How do I know if my property has been staked by HEA's Engineering Technician?

Our stakes have neon orange tops and have HEA written on them.