Eugene A. (Jim) Levine

District 3 Candidate

Eugene A. (Jim) Levine

65234 Diamond Ridge Road
Homer, AK 99603
(H) 907-299-0323
(C) 907-299-0323

Board Experience

I was an HEA director from 2009-2014 and again from 2016 until present. I

have been a deputy secretary of the board and am currently a co-chairman of the Renewable Energy Committee. I also have achieved accreditation for Cooperative Directors from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. Previous board experiences include KBBI public radio from 2001 to 2009, including board president, and chairman of the Terminal Operations and Environmental Monitoring Committee of the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council in the mid-90s.

Work Experience

I have been a project manager with Jay-Brant General Contractors from 2000 until present. Projects have included construction of the Kodiak Electric Association office building, the Kodiak Ultraviolet Water Filtration Treatment Plant, and many projects for the Coast Guard on both the Kodiak and Homer Coast Guard Bases. I was also the Quality Control Manager for the Islands and Oceans Visitors Center in Homer. Past work experiences include Quality Assurance Representative, Construction Contract Modifications Negotiator and engineering manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

I am also a licensed professional engineer in Alaska (retired status) and California (active status).

Main Goal

My main goal is to find better ways to provide power for HEA members at the lowest possible cost. While on the board I have worked towards:

  • providing ocean power generation,
  • started the renewable energy committee and was the first chairman,
  • participated in Independent Light, allowing HEA decisions to be made on the Peninsula, not Anchorage,
  • participated in the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), saving members tens of thousands of dollars/day when disconnected from the rest of the utilities,
  • the BESS positions HEA to utilize all forms of renewable energy, diversifying our energy generation options.

Providing alternative energy and energy efficiency is key to providing reliable electricity at the lowest cost to members. The state, and even Hilcorp, the main supplier of natural gas in our region, has predicted that the demand for gas will outstrip the supply in 5 years or less. 30% of our budget goes to buying natural gas. Renewable energy systems are less costly NOW than natural gas for producing electricity and the difference is only going to increase as the cost of natural gas increases and the cost of renewables decreases.

Let’s use the energy all around us, the sun, the wind, the tides!