James (Jim) Duffield

District 1 Candidate

James (Jim) Duffield

1610 Tanaga Avenue
Kenai, AK 99611
(H) 907-395-4026
(C) 907-317-3280

 Board Experience

I have served on the HEA Board for 1–3-year term. Other BOD experience includes Access Alaska BOD & Finance Chair, Treasurer for 12 years WVU Lettermen’s Club BOD & Treasurer for six years as well as Alaska Miners Association Branch Chair in each Anchorage and Kenai and BOD.

Work Experience

I have been a Certified Public Accountant since 1995 and worked in Banking, Construction, Public Accounting, Transportation, Disability Services and Natural Resource Development in the lower 48 and Alaska. Alaska has been my home for 22 years.

Main Goal

During my first term as a HEA BOD member, I oversaw the commissioning of the BESS Battery Backup System in Soldotna and completion of the Water Diversion project at Bradley Lake as well as forward progress on several other upgrades to the HEA systems. I have worked hard to ensure that any renewable energy projects are going to be reliable and cost effective. I have actively encouraged the pursuit of long-life renewable projects such as geothermal and hydroelectric which typically are good for 100 years vs 15 to 20 for wind or solar projects, and their available capacity is around 94% for Geo & 75% Hydro vs 34% max for wind and solar.

I care deeply about our Kenai Peninsula home and want real, solid energy alternatives for our members and not just some feel good, unreliable, intermittent, eyesore and environmental hazard projects that are overpriced and rely upon China for parts.