Line of Credit Local Retailer Information

HEA offers a line of credit to active members from $200 – $10,000 for the purpose of purchasing electrical and plumbing appliances, equipment, fixtures and apparatus. Members may obtain a quote from a qualified local retailer for items on the approved merchandise list and apply for a Line of Credit.

Interested in getting approved to be a Line of Credit Local Retailer?

To qualify as an approved local Retailer, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The Retailer submits a completed Local Retailer Application form.
  2. The business has an active membership with HEA.
  3. The business has a physical business address within HEA service area.
  4. The business provides a copy of their current Alaska business license.
  5. The business provides a current copy of a completed W-9 form.
  6. A list of qualifying equipment to be sold will accompany the application.

Local Retail Application Form

Line of Credit Program Overview

Once the application form is completed please drop off at your local HEA office or email the complete package to