Start or Stop Service

Moving into a home already built or renting a house in an area served by HEA, you will need to become a member of the cooperative. To apply for membership, you must complete a membership application and pay a $5 membership fee. To connect to a meter, there is a $15 records fee and a meter deposit if applicable. At the bottom of this page, you will find the online Residential Service Application form, or you can download and print the PDF version of the Residental or Commercial Application. This can also be done by coming into one of our offices and applying for service, or calling our office for more information.

Residential Service Application (PDF)

Commercial Service Application (PDF)

After you have completed your membership application, please return it to HEA. Help us to provide prompt service to your new home by providing the following information listed below:

  • Completed membership application (a member must be 18 years old, provide proof of photo identification.
  • HEA meter number and reading found on the meter
  • Typical Fees and Deposit ($5.00 membership fee, $15.00 records fee and meter deposit, if applicable)

Requesting Disconnection

If you will no longer require service at a location or are moving, please contact our office as soon as possible to arrange to have the service disconnected and a final reading taken. At this time we will ask for a forwarding address to mail your final bill and to keep on file for your capital credits.

HEA Office Number Information:

Homer: (907) 235-8551
Kenai: (907) 283-5831
Toll-free in Alaska: 1 (800) 478-8551