Michael L. Jones

District 3 Candidate

Michael L. Jones

P.O. Box 2020
Homer, AK 99603
(C) 907-299-3674

Board Experience

I have never been a member of a Board. I have presented work product and recommendations to a Board and Board sub-committees and received direction from those entities for execution.

Work Experience

Over 37 years of demonstrated technical and leadership capabilities as an individual contributor, small group lead, and large organization director in the electric utility sector.
Skilled in Electric Generation Asset Operations and emergency response. One of my recent assignments was to lead a team of Asset Management, Project Management, Outage Management, Engineering, Dam Safety and Construction organizations to evaluate the condition, plan, design and execute refurbishment of the company’s generating fleet consisting of:

  • 2,690 MW of conventional hydroelectric facilities,
  • 1,212 MW Pumped Storage facility,
  • 1,400 MW of combined cycle and reciprocating engine natural gas fire facilities,
  • 150 MW of ground mounted solar facilities, and
  • 96 hydro reservoirs, 73 diversions, 169 dams, 168 miles of canals, 43 miles of flumes, 132 miles of tunnels, 57 miles of pipe (penstocks, siphons, and low head pipes).

Directed key legal and regulatory proceedings including bankruptcy, asset divestiture, and hydro project licensing. Led international merger and acquisition efforts for electric distribution and generation assets. Sponsored testimony in Public Utility Commission proceedings for General Rate cases, Reasonableness of Operations, Authorization for Development of Hydro Pumped Storage Projects and Construction of Fossil Power Plants, Wind and Solar projects.

I am a Registered Mechanical Engineer and have an MBA in Management.

Main Goal

My main goal will be to ensure that HEA continues to operate in a safe, reliable, affordable fashion for its members.

HEA faces a challenging future. Approximately 60% of our HEA bill is associated with Generation and Transmission. About half of that amount is the cost of fuel – primarily natural gas. Future natural gas cost and availability is in question at the end of the existing fuel contract. Membership and electricity demand are increasing. With inflation and federal spending at an all-time high and local and state governments seeking additional funding sources, HEA members have less money available for electricity, heating, fuel, food and charity. There is a desire to add wind and solar generation to the supply mix. I have played key roles in the development, construction and operation of utility scale solar systems from 2.4 MW to 20MW in size. How do we integrate these resources to get the best value for our members? How do we ensure safe, reliable, and affordable energy for our members considering these challenges?

With over 37 years of direct experience managing these and other challenges, I can assist the Board and HEA leadership in the strategic planning and policy guidance necessary to successfully navigate these challenges.