Current HEA Board

# of Directors Term Voting Districts Meeting Days
9 3-Years 3 2nd Tuesday of each month except for January is the 3rd Tuesday

Director Responsibilities: Policy creation, rate development and organizational direction, all of which is designed to protect the financial and operating integrity of the Cooperative as well as preserve the rights of the membership.

Because the Board guides the course of action from a macro point of view, they select and employ a General Manager to execute their vision, oversee the day-to-day business and operational details of the utility and manage employees.

President: Dan Furlong
District 2 | Term expiration: 2025
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Vice President: Erin McKittrick
District 3 | Term expiration: 2025
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Secretary/Treasurer: Jim Duffield
District 1 | Term expiration: 2023
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Deputy Secretary: Charles “C.O.” Rudstrom
District 2 | Term expiration: 2023
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Director: Jim Levine
District 3 | Term expiration: 2023
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Director: Mike Chenault
District 1  I Term expiration: 2024
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Director: Louie Flora
District 3 | Term expiration: 2024
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Director: Robert Wall
District 2 | Term expiration: 2024
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Director: Wayne Ogle
District 1  I Term expiration: 2025
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