Battery Energy Storage System Has Arrived

HEA’s Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) has arrived in Alaska. HEA plans to implement a new system in October that is meant to balance the energy between renewable and nonrenewable sources among other things.

Members of the HEA board wanted the company to increase its renewable energy efforts. The new battery energy storage system will be used to balance system demands with its greater ability to deliver or receive energy (up to 46.5 MW per hour).  This also allows base loaded thermal units to be run more efficiently while allowing for increased integration of utility scale non-dispatchable (energy generation that can’t be scheduled) renewable energy sources (i.e., wind & solar).

37 modular batteries were delivered to our Soldotna Generation and Substation Facility. All 37 modular battery containers (megapacks) will be installed onsite by the end of July.

Our crews are busy installing the megapacks on the slab foundations. Each megapack weighs a whopping 52,000 pounds.

With the BESS, HEA can diversify its energy matrix and will meet reliability requirements without burning additional fuel. Incorporating the BESS into HEA’s grid structure will ultimately lower greenhouse gas production by allowing HEA to utilize non-dispatchable renewable energy instead of remaining over dependent on natural gas.

Our crews spent the better part of 2021 preparing for delivery of the megapacks.