Keep Utility Poles Safe

Worker climbing utility pole with text saying ,"Utility poles are not bulletin boards."People often ask if it's all right to attach signs or other objects to a utility pole. Please don't. It could create a safety hazard.

Why are pole attachments a safety issue? Although electric, phone, cable and other workers who need access to poles most often use bucket trucks, some jobs or some terrain may require that workers climb or come in contact with the pole.

Nails, tacks, screws, and staples left in a pole from attaching signs or other objects can cause rips in insulating gloves, tear clothing, cut workers, or lead to life-threatening accidents that could hurt people and interrupt service.

Signs for yard sales, parties, or other events should be put on stakes or other safe locations, not on utility poles. We wish you good luck with your event, and appreciate your cooperation in maintaining safe facilities for our employees and our customers.