Upgrades to Our Underground System

Homer Electric Association (HEA) continues to address the concerns of aging underground cables in the HEA distribution system and is working on the following projects this summer:

Homer Spit

HEA determined that the express feeder that runs under the boardwalk had deteriorated and needed to be replaced. We replaced the express feeder cable in May which will improve the reliability of service in the area.

Cable Injection Project

Our underground electrical cables are aging, which means that their protective insulation is beginning to deteriorate. This can cause cracks, which can lead to unplanned power outages.

HEA has been using cable injection technologies over the past several years to repair the cables using a silicone injection process. The silicone fills the cracks in the cables and extends the useful life of the cable.

This summer we have been working in the following areas:

  • Funny River Road
  • Kenai Spur Highway (Kenai to Soldotna)
  • Sterling Highway (Soldotna to Sterling)

Port Graham

HEA replaced aging cables in the Port Graham area.

HEA is sensitive to how maintenance related outages impact its members. To alleviate the inconvenience, we are providing advance notice to affected neighborhoods prior to the start of work.