Outage Text/Email Notification

Starting February 1, 2021, sign up for planned and unplanned outage text/email alerts. Whether it is planned outage that will affect your location on a certain date and time, or an outage that impacts your neighborhood or community, rest assured that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you will receive text alert outage notification. Once registered, HEA will conveniently keep you apprised of the outage situation.

How To Sign Up:

Convenient Options to Enroll

  • Call or visit one of our HEA offices and talk with an MSR about receive text/email outage alerts
  • From our website select the “Easy Pay” link. This allows you to access your account 24/7 and you can create alerts from this portal.
  • Download the HEA mobile app and sign up to receive text alerts

Once you have “Opted In” to receive either email or text messages make sure to check the Outage Declared Alert and the Outage Restored Alert.


What is HEA’s Outage Status Notification service? HEA will notify you by text message and/or email when we are aware of a power outage at your location. There will be about a 5 minute delay from when HEA system is aware of a power outage and you receiving a notification.

What information will the text message alert provide? Unplanned Outage: The initial text will acknowledge that HEA knows your power is out. A final text will notify you that your power has been restored.

Can more than one cell phone receive text messages about power outage alerts? No, whatever number is listed in the mobile number in HEA UPN system will receive the alerts.

I have more than one electric account, and I would like to receive outage status notifications for all of them. What should I do? Each account will need to be registered.

Why did I receive a notice informing me that my power was back on long after it was restored? Although power might be restored at your location, you may not be notified until our we complete work on other neighborhood outages.

Can I opt out of outage notifications after signing up? Yes, of course. If you find that you want to opt out, make the change in EasyPay or Mobile App. You can also contact our office by calling 800.478.8551, 907.283.5831 or 907.235-8551. Message also allows Opted Out.