Robert F. Ernst

District 1 Candidate

Robert F. Ernst

46430 Jakes Way
Kenai, AK 99611
(H) 907-776-8650
(C) 907-252-0741

Board Experience

Espresso Inc. Board of Directors & CEO – 1990-2006
KDLL Board of Directors – 1993-1996
Cook Inletkeeper Board of Directors – 1995-2020
KPEA Executive Board – 2009-2022
KPB Planning Commission – 2017-2020

Work Experience

Commercial Fisherman – 1974-Present
CEO & Co-owner Espresso Inc. – 1990-2006
KPC Adjunct Professor – 1990-2001
KPBSD Educational Support Aide, Substitute Teacher – 1990-2006
Kenai Wild Inspector – 2002-2004
Kenai River Seafoods Plant Quality Control – 2004-2006
Kenai River Seafoods Plant Manager – 2006-2008
KPBSD Certified Special Education Teacher – 2008-2022

Main Goal

If elected to the HEA board of directors, I will work with other board members to continue developing diverse sources of power to energize our electrical grid and serve our members with safe, reliable and affordable electric energy into the future for our homes and businesses.

Currently the majority of the 80 megawatts of power necessary for the energy needs of our customers is generated by natural gas fueled generators at several locations. In the past, natural gas in the Cook Inlet basin seemed like an endless source of energy to serve our electrical needs. Recent disclosures by the sole producer of natural gas in the region indicate a future shortfall. This will have serious consequences for the cost of our energy in the future.

Fortunately, HEA already has infrastructure, such as our battery storage system, that will allow us to add more fuel-free generation sources and reduce our dependence on natural gas. Our region is rich in geothermal energy that could become the future backbone of the grid once the technology matures. Natural gas will remain part of our energy mix, but it would benefit us to search for alternatives and reduce the vulnerability of depending on it.