Outage Preparedness

Power outages occur for various reasons across HEA’s service area. In most cases, power is restored in less than two hours but sometimes, Emergency preparedness list on a clipboard, with a flashlight, batteries and other supplies on a tablemore serious outages are possible. In Alaska, storms can strike quickly and without warning. What would you do if basic services, such as water, gas, electricity, or telephones were cut off? Knowing what to do to safeguard your family and property is your best protection.

To Prepare:

  1. Know the location of your emergency supplies; place your insurance policies and important family documents in a safe place.
  2. Remove items near the home that could possibly become airborne (toys, trash cans, etc.)
  3. Listen to local radio for up-to-date storm information.
  4. Fill your gas tank before a storm arrives, gas pumps do not work without electricity. Automatic teller machines will also shut down if the power goes out, so have some cash on hand.
  5. Stock emergency water and drinks. Keep containers handy so that you can fill them with tap water if severe weather approaches.
  6. Stock dry or canned goods in one part of a pantry or in a designated kitchen cabinet.

American Red Cross Shelter and Storm Information
Keeping Food Safe in an Emergency

Keep Us Informed. Please update your phone number to ensure your current service location telephone number is on your HEA account. This will help us match your street address to your telephone number if you have to call us to report an outage.