HEA Rate Schedule (effective October 1, 2019)

HEA offers four different rates to its members, depending on the classification of the service provided. Our rates are regulated by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.

Explanation of Service Type and Billing Terms: To understand each part of the rate schedule, move the mouse over an item until the cursor turns into a hand. Let the mouse hover for a moment and then a pop-up text box will present an explanation of that term.


Service Type Monthly Customer Charge (A) Energy Charge per kWh (H) System Delivery Charge (B) Demand Charge per kW (I) Minimum Demand Charge (C) Cost of Power Adjustment per kWh (D) Regulatory Cost Charge  (G)
Residential $20.00 $0.15609 $23.41 N/A N/A  $0.06195 $0.000593
General Service (E) $20.00 $0.16247 $24.37 N/A N/A $0.06195 $0.000593
Large General Service (F) $50.00 $0.10209 $0 $21.00 $420.00 $0.06195 $0.000593
Industrial Service For more information contact Member Services.
Outdoor Lighting 175 watt lamp: $28.74; 250 watt lamp: $33.93; 360 watt lamp: $41.23; 400 watt lamp: $45.59; 55 watt LED: $28.13; 93 watt LED: $31.37; 160 watt LED: $40.11 per lamp per month

What is a kilowatt-hour? We usually use the term kilowatts (one kilowatt is 1,000 watts) when speaking of power production or power needs. A power plant makes kilowatts; we sell power in units called kilowatt-hours (kWh). For example, a 100-watt light bulb left on for ten hours uses one kWh of electricity. A typical HEA residential consumer uses 550 kWh per month.

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